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March 10, 2008



"Zeitgeist" would better be translated as "spirit of the time", as it refers to the common mindset of a specific era..


Thanks for the correction. I got the informal translation "though ghost" from an amateur German student. Should have known...


1. Jesus/Organized religion
I believe and am saved first off. I don't go to church and i dont pay anyone to tell me what they think about God. I'm also not an evangelist, to each his own. A wise man once told me that to him, "every tree a burning bush". that made a lot of sense to me and thats how i believe. religion is about faith, bottom line, and thats a tough thing to have. Its also a tough thing to argue against, and admittedly alot of people use it as a crutch in religious arguments. thats what i think anyway.

2. 9/11
I have a hard time beliving that a group of people who could gain from this could pull it off, lets think Occam's razor. I always like when people show that clip about the guy saying the towers could withstand a 747 hit. They did. For a long time. However, they didnt survive burning jet fuel weakening the steel superstructure. Again, see Occam's razor.

3. The bank thing...
i'm not an economist either, plus i didn't watch the thing. maybe once training is done...

I could go into the Punnet squares... but i gotta start studying the T-6 systems for my test tomorrow. Overall i enjoyed the article, made me think. I would just caution you to watch yourself for sophism, unless thats your point. If its not, your not likely to change any minds.


religion is what we are and what we do.it hasnT any shape


Support of conspiracy theory, or none, doesn't matter. The truth is that we still don't know who deserves the blame for the attacks of 9/11. The government does allow us a scapegoat, but Al-Qaeda never did take responsibility for the attacks. No one has. This is a problem. The governement's report leaves us in doubt and with suspicion. Christianity is not the problem, for all Zeitgeist says, Jesus may have been with us for several thousand years in different incarnation, and left us with words that he will return in his last. The pattern of the government's betrayal in WW1 and in Vietnam are concurrent. To provide information on Roosevelt is difficult, I always thought the man was revolutionary; I have thought wrong. The Lucetania was in enemy waters when it clearly should not have been, and the Gulf of Token was a farce. Given our history, everything is suspect. Trust no one, believe that you can find the truth. There is truth, ideals exist. Don't take chips. Read your bible, listen to it, read revelation: the video points to it three times. God Bless, find yourselves, come to understand this magnificent creation, and your own significance. Farewell.


Larry forgot to mention that in more secular countries people are less cuckoo-jobs. Like the above comment posters. Almost makes you ashamed to be called a human being. Just when you read something that tries to clarify - then in come the amis with their out in left field wacko ideas and backgrounds. The country's a wasteland.


Everything that Zeitgeist presented was backed up with very reliable information. I really thought that it was a truly astounding documentary, that brought a lot of things into prespective.


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this is the worst information i've ever been told. Pretty much saying your waisting your time if your religious. Go to church sometime . GOD HATER :((

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Just for today I will be happy. This assumes to be true what Abraham Lincoln said,that "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

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We know that 9/11 is one of big attack and the saddest thing is that we still don't know who is responsible for it. The Government is doing efforts but didn't get anything.

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As with much else in the world today, the pace of progress will depend on the US –the insufficient but still indispensable power.


I think the movie has an excellent point, since a young age I believe that there was and is something that we are not been told, we are close to a great revelation that will change our world.

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