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February 16, 2008



I would contend that the Rhinoceros, is in fact a living animal directly descendant from the dinosaurs.

Mark Stewart

The dinosaurs are to be found in the houses of Congress. Examples include John McCain and Ted Kennedy, two specimens from the Senate, and John Dingell and John Conyers, two specimens from the House. Apparently, once elected, many of these reptillians enter a sort of biological and political stasis, known to paleocroneyologists as "incumbency" that can allow dinosaurs to live in office for years, centuries, millenia, or eons.


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Not sure if you are tongue-in-cheek here, but NO the Rhinoceros is not related in any but a very remote way to dinosaurs. It is a MAMMAL, the line to which diverged from ancestors to dinosaurs in the late Permian [~250 million years ago]. They are considered to be in the same order as horses.



No, he wasn't kidding. He's just stupid.


No, the rhinos aren't any close relation of the dinos. But the rhinoceros does seem like a pretty good candidate for being the "behemoth" described in the Genesis quote... that, or maybe an elephant or hippopotamus.


Wow! Your bias and lack of knowledge really are exposed. But i suppose you should score points for being willing to expose them for the whole world to see. It's pretty arrogant to put forth these unsubstantiated claims, most of which make no sense. Ham's statement's are all pretty sound and you failed to discredit any of them in any real way. You make the assertion the Bible is an allegorical work inspite of the plethora of evidence that it is speaking of real historical people and events in space/time history; and then you ask your audience to make the assumption with you in the very next paragraph without giving any evidence for your claim that it is what you say. It is true there are allegories, as well as metaphores and other types of communication in the Bible, but we need to be more careful to allow the Bible to say what it is really saying and not just write something off as allegory just because it doesn't square with what we already believe to be true about the way things are.

"Taken literally, it means that the very dirt on the earth's crust gave rise to life...", Exactly!! He is God after all. Is it so unbelievable that after having spoken the entire universe into existence out of nothing over a few days, we have dirt to create from that He has only just spoken into existence, and from that dust comes forth the animals? Why should it be any more difficult for this creative Being to create living creatures from the dust of the earth? Not such a huge task for an apparently inexhuastive Mind. And not such a huge idea for us to wrap our little brains around after all, is it. And by the way, isn't that what evolution teaches anyway? It only takes a few more years (millions and millions and millions and millions and millions) with evolution.

Ham said, "...many evolutionists claim that some dinosaurs evolved into birds...". And you said, "they couldn't all have evolved into birds." Notice the word some, then notice the word all. Who is the one who doesn't have their facts straight here? The claim was never made that all evolved into birds.

"...as God put all the creatures on earth it is His will to take them off as He likes. All the creatures that now exist were around on the first day of creation, this little skyscraper won't make any difference." You may be closer to believing God than you realize.

Now, this bit about vegetarians is too long to quote, but it really bothers me because it's here where i think you're really getting deceptive; and here's why i think so. You are quoting the Scriptures and then critiquing Ham's assertions, so you are apparently someone who is knowledgeable about the Bible. So you quote the passage in the creation week about the fruits and vegetables being provided for our meat, then comment on how most people today are not vegetarians. But you know that most of your audience is not going to be aware that God gave man the animals to eat after the Flood, and so your point about vegetarians in this day and age is mute. It is totally unfair, biased and deceptive of you.

If you're going to claim that Ham and other Christians don't have the truth, at least do it honestly, and for that matter, factually.

I could probably find more on your page to write about, but what for? I've already discredited you as either being, at best, mistaken, or, at worst, a fraud. Only you know what your intentions were.

I will say this however:

" When Armageddon comes and Jesus does not return as promised...". Isn't it interesting how, although it's only an allegory, and you say you don't believe..., "When Armageddon comes", ...you obviously really do.

Take Care.

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